Javidan Wellness Center
9524 Kearny Villa Rd. #111

Our Mission Statement:
Helping people through chiropractic without drugs or surgery.
At Javidan Wellness Center we provide a natural way for people to handle their health issues through Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy and Massage therapy. Whatever your particular symptom may be.  Whether you are experiencing:

Neck Pain
Numbness & Tingling of arms, hands, legs & feet
Stiffness & Tension
Low Back Pain
Digestive troubles

Chiropractic treatment assists the body in the natural healing process.  After 10 years of success, we have had the privilege of helping people of all ages, in acute pain and chronic pain, people who have had injuries and car accidents, people who are proactive about their health and people who are new to chiropractic.

We specialize in educating our clients so they understand how and why Chiropractic care would benefit them.   Take advantage of the new patient special today & begin handling your health!

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